Headquarters: Makkah - Aziziyah District
First Branch: Jeddah - Al-Safa District
Second Branch : Khamis Mushait - Al-Hamela District
Working hours:
Saturday to Thursday
from 8 am to 6 pm

Our projects

In an effort to provide the highest level of services, we work in Wekayalines to supply systems and equipment for alarm, firefighting, fire prevention and security and safety means through strategic partnership agreements with major manufacturers and importers of local and international brands and offering competitive prices to achieve the objectives of our strategic plan

Our services

Fire safety

We work through all stages of the project lifecycle, including concept, FEED and detailed engineering, construction, commission and de-commissioning Special services offered include design & system integrity testing This ensures availability adequacy reliability and maintainability of all systems as per design scenarios in NFPA and Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment

Practical & Technical Safety

We use methodologies, different From PHA With loss prevention services provided by conducting various safety audits our technical safety engineers with backgrounds in processes, mechanical engineering, loss control, prevention and health and safety techniques provide competent safety studies, including deliverables and develop a detailed

Computer Networks

Today, traditional network services are not working enough for customers, you need professional services to support and manage your network so that you can identify the problem before it affects workflow and efficiency. Our recent investments in computer network services and support and our partnership with many major technology companies allow us to provide the best information technology services

CCTV Systems

In Wekayalines We use state of the art surveillance and analysis systems with cameras of various types, such as analog cameras, Internet protocol cameras, long-range, high-performance, low-light cameras that capture infrared images possibility of recording live

Telephone Central Systems

Our goal at Wekayalines Businesses must be able to communicate effectively today but want to ensure that they are properly equipped to handle the growing demands of their future communications needs. Applications At Wekayalines we aspire to provide ideal

Access Control & Attendees

In Wekayalines there are many types of entry and exit control systems that can be used in hotel doors, security gates and companies doors, executive rooms, financial departments, development teams as we can provide a solution that includes linking the entry and exit system

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